Where everything that's true turns false, where teenage is the most powerful poison ever made, there, hope will have to fight for his existence.


 Let's reconquer the world and ourselves sweetie | Shaohan

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Let's reconquer the world and ourselves sweetie | Shaohan Empty
MessageSujet: Let's reconquer the world and ourselves sweetie | Shaohan   Let's reconquer the world and ourselves sweetie | Shaohan Icon_minitimeSam 29 Juil - 14:51

I've been searchin' for an answer

Days gone by slowly, always the same, stern and cold. I've been convinced for a long time it would be this way for the rest of my life. I've been drowning, letting myself leave my body with a strange pleasure, waiting for the end to come. I loved it, in a way, I really did. The pain, the loneliness, the tears comforted me the way my friends, family, all my loved ones couldn't. Maybe I just needed to reach the bottom to hope for a new rising start. I know I made everyone worry, then hate me because I was nothing but a moaning burden for them. But now, now, I think I'm catching glimpses of something wonderfully new. And I'm going to grab that possibilty handfully.


It all started a long time ago. I was never the kind of person that breaks down easily, but when I hit the age of sixteen, something happened, and I did break down. I refused help. I refused life. And now, five years after, I don't want to do this anymore. I wave my hand at my cousin down the street, smiling, music beating in the car, sun golding my now fragile skin slowly. Shaohan is coming my way, smiling shyly, her face expressing an unsure feeling. I called her four days ago, after an idea -the first in those last years- had hit me. We need to get laid. We need to runaway from those places life has made toxic for us. So I decided we were leaving town for wild camping, just the two of us, the car, the sky above and the world under, the flow of our favorite songs around us, wrapping a warm hand on our necks, until the pain goes and only the laughs remains. I wait for her to reach the bright orange Dodge RAM 2017 my father bought me some months ago, LP's new album playing inside, my foot tapping besides the commands. It feels like I'm finally comin' alive again. She needs me. She's been here for me, always. I'll be here for her too. We're leaving for the wild forests of the north-west face of the country, with the four horses we love the must in the truck that's harnessed to the huge pickup. It's going to be great holidays. She opens the door, slides inside, and I shoot her the brightest smile I've got in shop.
"Hey, hello darling ! How're you doing sweetheart ? Ready ?"

Explode as crystal
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Let's reconquer the world and ourselves sweetie | Shaohan
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